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What to Ship

Grenada is in urgent need of your help in our fight against the current surge in COVID-19.


Here is the latest list of items currently needed in Grenada. Details of how to ship supplies can be found here.


Your donations do not go to any government agency, but instead are facilitated by the Office of Diaspora Affairs and the medical team on the ground in Grenada.

Homecare Kits

Individual PPE and supply care packages are urgently needed in Grenada.


These pre-packaged kits contain:  face masks (N95 /  kN95);  thermometers; hand sanitizer / hand soap; pulse oximetry and supplies of zinc.

Available in individual ($35) and family-sized ($110) units, these items can be purchased directly from Scotts Medical Supply and will be shipped to Grenada free of charge.

How will my donation be used?

We are committed to transparency with all the donations we receive.


You will receive a confirmation email for every donation you make and we will provide weekly reports of the donations made and the supplies shipped and purchased.

Homecare Kits

Your contribution will help to purchase home care kits containing:  face masks (N95 /  kN95);  thermometers; hand sanitizer / hand soap; pulse oximetry and supplies of zinc.


A  central hub/warehouse has been established in Miami to accept PPE supplies, which will airlifted to Grenada. Our preferred PPE supply partner is Scotts Medical Supply Inc.

Oxygen Concentrators

Donate an oxygen concentrator, a medical device that gives patients extra oxygen. An oxygen concentrator differs from an oxygen tank, which delivers liquid or gas oxygen.


Hand sanitizers, hand soaps and wipes are urgently needed in Grenada. Your donation will go towards sourcing these items from local manufacturers on the island.

Food Supplies

A side-effect of the current crisis has been a rise in food insecurity across our tri-isle state. Your donation will help fund the local organisations delivering food to the vulnerable.

Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen is an essential medicine for COVID-19.  Your contributions will help us purchase oxygen tanks to give patients in order to keep their oxygen levels at a normal level in the body. 


Where will my donation go?

Donated supplies will be dispursed among the following hospitals, homes and instiutions in Grenada:

  • Bacolet Home

  • Bel Air Home

  • Cadrona Home for the Aged

  • Carriacou Health Services

  • Cedars for Battered Women Home

  • Charles Memorial Home

  • Child Protection Homes for Boys

  • Crochu Home

  • Father Mallaghan's Home for Boys

  • General Hospital, St. George's

  • Grand Anse Home

  • Hilarian Home

  • Hillview Home for the Aged

  • Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital

  • Petite Martinique Health Clinic

  • Princess Alice Hospital, Clabony

  • Princess Royal Hospital, Carriacou

  • Queen Elizabeth Home

  • Royal Grenada Police Force

  • Sisters of Charity Home

  • Smiles for Girls Home

  • St. Martèn de Porres Home

  • Top Hill Home, Carriacou